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Male Perfection Review

Reviewed: 2009-01-19
Quick site rank and complete review of Male Perfection | Categories: Gay, Softcore

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 80/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 7/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 8/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: no

User Rating For MalePerfection

User Rating: 52/100 - based on 96 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Join by online check or credit card via CCBill for $24.99 for 30 days recurring and $65.57 for 120 days.

Tour Promises promises content for the music video generation, nude celebrities, hot hunks, exclusive videos and images, over 144 guys and updates every two weeks.

My Opinion About MalePerfection

Male Perfection is one of those sites that both men and women can enjoy. The men here are absolutely hot. As a matter of fact they just might burn you, or at least make you burn with excitement because that's just how chiselled and sizzling they look.

All the content is exclusive, but one of the first things I notice is that nothing can be downloaded. Photos are viewed in Flash slides and the videos are only available in embedded Flash players. This, unfortunately, puts a big damper on the experience because the producers explicitly state that they have no intention of ever providing downloads. My theory is 'never say never'. In order to compete in the market, they may find themselves providing downloads one day, but for now you'll just have to enjoy the site while being a member.

The guys and the content is worth it, though. Male Perfection will best appeal to those who enjoy softcore erotic content. There are 31 models at the moment and most are featured in more than one video or set of photos. There are 70 sets of pictures and 135 videos.

The pictures are not that large. My best guess is 800x600 pixels, which is perfect for viewing online and since we can't download the sets, I suppose you could say the site delivers the best for an online experience. This doesn't mean I have to be happy about it! ;) In any case, I loved the often high-contrast, moody atmosphere created by the photographer. These dark and erotic photos were by far my favourites. They were sexy and teasing and they certainly made my heart skip a beat or two. Other sets are more playful and the lighting in those sets reflects this atmosphere. Sometimes you'll see the same sets and locations with different guys, but I loved the blend of indoor and outdoor scenes. Rippling six packs and tight, muscular asses are pretty much what you get. There are some unabashed guys who let their cocks hangout, but a good number of these men like to keep some things private and I didn't happen upon any erect penises, although admittedly some of these dudes are endowed enough that they hardly needed to have a hard-on to look large.

Movies, as the site claims, are for the music video generation. Each movie comes with a music track, the name of the song and the artist and a link where you can find out more about the music. Videos can be steamy sexual or light-hearted just like the photos. Again, it's all softcore with teasing peaks at dangling meat. I watched a bathroom scene with model Scott Shelton. The film was a combination of candid shots and long lingering pans at the guy's gorgeous body. Movies are edited, often with dissolves from one image to another. I have a fast connection, but the movies incrementally stopped and started, which is one reason I much prefer to download films than stream them. Nonetheless, I simply let a whole video load and then started from the beginning to get a smooth continuous film.

Final Verdict

Some people enjoy softcore teasing and that's pretty much what Male Perfection is all about. The content is great stroking material for guys and chicks, but just be aware that the experience is meant to be titillating and erotic. There is a lot to see here and you won't find it anywhere else, but if downloading photos and videos is important to you, then as perfect as the men are on this site, you will end up frustrated more than satisfied.

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User Comments

2009 Jun 10, 20:04, usa
The site has been completely renovated since this review. You should check them out again.

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